About Us

MAPI Energy Solutions Company is “YOUR SOLUTION to the PAKISTAN ENERGY CRISIS from AMERICA”. We offer a wide variety of cost-effective Energy solutions. From all-in-one self-contained low cost, low power, Solar systems, to high powered Solar, Wind, and Coal Energy systems. MAPI Energy Solutions company is based  in the United States of America with our Pakistan office in Karachi. We have the products, expertise and installation services to accommodate all your energy needs through Solar, Wind and Coal. We provide all aspects of Alternative Power for our Customer Energy needs. These include:

  • Educating Customers of the benefits of the various Energy Systems such as Solar, Coal or Wind Power
  • Analysis of Customer Energy needs
  • Designing Solar, Wind and Coal powered Systems per our Customer requirements.
  • Briefing Customers of the Design and Cost
  • Installation and Testing of the Solar Systems
  • Warranty and Guaranty of all our installed systems
  • Standard System Maintenance of all our Systems
  • On Line Support
  • Energy Consultation.