Solar generator

A solar generator is a device that converts solar energy into electrical energy. This principle is called photovoltaic power. Since consumption of nonrenewable energy sources on earth such as petroleum, coal, natural gas, and propane has reached staggering amounts, alternative energy sources such as solar power are being utilized by more and more people. Some use solar generators to be earth friendly, some use them as an emergency resource during power outages, some use them to reduce home utility bills, and some use them as an off grid source of power in remote areas.
A solar generator is comprised of several parts. First, an apparatus to collect the solar energy, which is also known simply as sunlight, must be present. The common collector of light is called a solar panel, or photovoltaic cell, which is a delicately produced panel made with either crystalline silicon or amorphous silicon and other items that allow the solar panel to convert the sunlight to electricity. This panel is mounted strategically to capture the most sunlight possible by angling it in different ways.
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The next necessary component is something to store the collected energy in until it is ready to be used and so that energy is still available at night after the sun goes down. This is usually a deep cycle battery made for continuous use. The common voltage of such a battery is 12 volts. That means the solar panel should also be made to collect and produce 12 or more volts of electricity. The battery should also have a volt meter to measure the incoming and outgoing electricity.